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The C-Suite Survey is commissioned by Business News Network and The Globe and Mail, Report on Business. The project is sponsored by KPMG and is designed to enrich public debate in Canada and help Canadians better understand the views of executives in the country’s biggest companies

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June 2011
Q2, 2011: The 23rd Quarterly C-Suite Survey: Priorities for the Federal Government, Climate Change Policy & the Role of CFO's

March 2011
Q1, 2011: The 22nd Quarterly C-Suite Survey: The Economy and Expectations for the 2011 Federal Budget

December 2010
Q4, 2010: The 21st Quarterly C-Suite Survey: The Business and Economic Outlook for 2011

October 2010
Q3, 2010: The 20th Quarterly C-Suite Survey: Canada-US Economic Outlook, Productivity and Innovation

June 2010
Q2, 2010: The state of the Canadian and global economy and world trade in the context of the upcoming G20 and G8 summit

March 2010
Q1, 2010: The Economy and Viewpoints on the 2010 Federal Budget

December 2009
Q4, 2009: 2009 In Review and the Challenges of 2010 and Beyond

October 2009
Q3, 2009: The Economic Outlook

June 2009
Q2, 2009: The Economic Outlook

February 2009
Q1, 2009: The Federal Budget and the Economic Outlook

December 2008
Q4, 2008: Responses to the Economic Downturn

September 2008
Q3, 2008: The Credit Crunch: Access to Credit and Financing

June 2008
Q2, 2008: Carbon Tax and Environmental Measures

March 2008
Q1, 2008: The Budget and the Economy

December 2007
Q4, 2007: The Canadian Dollar

September 2007
Q3, 2007: Human Resources and Skilled Labour Shortages

June 2007
Q2, 2007: Private Equity

March 2007
Q1, 2007: Climate Change

November 2006
Q4, 2006: Income Trust

September 2006
Q3, 2006:

June 2006
Q2, 2006:

March 2006
Q1, 2006: Canada’s Business Executives rank their Federal Priorities
The survey looked at federal priorities for the new federal government, and includes findings on the state of the economy, Canada-U.S. relations, policy priorities and expectations for the new government.

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