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At The Gandalf Group, it is our firm belief that public opinion research and communications strategies must be results driven. Our approach to brand development, policy advocacy, reputation management, or issue management is based upon research with the public – as citizens and as consumers. We believe that only by utilizing research as the foundation to any strategy can the key message development, overarching program elements and tactics be ultimately successful. This approach is fundamental to The Gandalf Group vision.


The Gandalf Group is a leading provider of public opinion research, strategic communications advice and issues management.  We have the ability to provide a strategic set of recommendations based on the research to advance your agenda or respond to specific issues and objectives. 
We are a boutique firm combining expertise in advanced statistical research, politics, economics, law, the media and communications. Our professional staff brings multi-disciplinary skills to bear on our clients’ challenges, designing unique solutions for every challenge, while drawing on unparalleled expertise. Numbers and descriptions are easy to generate in this business.  The Gandalf Group’s niche is designing research that provides the best understanding and advice for moving forward. 

We have advised many public sector clients as well as some of Canada’s largest private sector corporations and organizations. Our work includes the design and completion of public opinion research, upon which strategic communications plans for the general public or targeted stakeholders can be then carried out.
We have developed the expertise to identify key success factors in creating research, the ability to understand the research to make the difference in informing strategy, and how best to carry out subsequent communications efforts.

For qualitative research, we use a variety of methodologies including focus groups, triads/dyads, on-line discussion groups, one on one elite interviews, and larger focus groups using the Perception Analyzer. In conducting quantitative research or surveys, we put a particular emphasis on designing survey instruments that maximize the use value of the data. Advanced statistical techniques such as multivariate regression or clustering allow us to explore relationships within the data.

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